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Billion Dollar Gila Monster Spit?

Source. This venomous lizard, Heloderma suspectum, harbors a billion dollar secret: a special protein in his saliva and tail. That protein, exenatide, is highly effective in treatment for type 2 diabetes.

Last year, I taught a short course at Gilead Sciences in California and was impressed by not only the high quality of their scientific research but their efforts to increase access of their HIV medications to developing countries. Now Gilead has joined a group of pharmaceutical companies to try something bold and innovative – to…

Harvesting MMORPG Time

Source. I had a dream last night of harvesting MMORPG time to save the planet. Let me explain.

Source. Bioephemera provided an excellent overview of the ongoing appeal to the “Myriad gene patent case.” Jessica Palmer wrote: Myriad Genetics’s patents on the breast cancer genes (BRCA1 and BRCA2) were invalid because genes are unpatentable products of nature. Could Myriad Benefit If They Lose Their Case?

New Drugs: An Endangered Species?

Once again, Big Pharma is under attack. Let me provide a different perspective.

Diabetes: Red Wine or a Pill? You choose.

Source. Prescription medications for the management of type 2 diabetes, while effective for many patients, have been fraught with side effects including weight gain that can make the disease worse given its link with obesity. Would it be possible to replace the pill with natural alternatives?

EPA/SHAWN THEW US President Barack Obama delivers opening remarks at a bipartisan meeting to discuss health reform legislation at the Blair House in Washington, DC USA 25 February 2010. Renewed debate is imminent about so-called “ObamaCare” {a term used by some as a pejorative for health care}. It’s a good time for a refresher of…

Adult human breast stem cells (red) are found in ductal regions. Lineage-restricted progenitor cell types (green) reside outside Scientists based at a medical center in Berlin have accomplished something extraordinary: they have used stem cells to prevent viruses to grow in a patient infected with HIV. This patient had been taking antiviral drugs but discontinued…

The past decade has been tumultuous for the pharmaceutical industry. The news media generally paints “Big Pharma” with a broad brush, an unflattering portrait of corporate greed more concerned with short-term profits than supporting public health through access to better, “smarter” medications. A recent Huffington Post article is a striking example of such caricature: in…