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LSD, Hangover Cure?

Alcoholic Anonymous founder Bill Wilson put forth the controversial idea of using LSD, yes, LSD to reduce alcohol abuse. Is there any scientific evidence for this?

Jesus, À la Carte

Is that Jesus looking into a mirror? A recent study shows that Christian conservatives and liberals reflect themselves upon the image of Jesus, and it’s not an ordinary mirror.

Psychopaths in the Boardroom?

My colleague Prof. Mark Boguski at the Harvard Medical School shared a provocative quote: True? Not all psychopaths are in prison. Some are in the Boardroom.

What Americans Regret The Most

What do Americans regret the most? Regret can weigh you down, leading to focusing on the past rather than a brighter future. Each of us has a bundle of regrets; I will spare you my own list – it is unlikely you have the time or interest to lend a sympathetic ear. What’s on your…