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Who is the next great science communicator?

This post was co-authored with Eric Berger, science writer at The Houston Chronicle. It’s been nearly two decades since Carl Sagan, the great science communicator, died. Since that time public trust in science has eroded, and no one has emerged as Sagan’s clear successor. At the same time popular culture is littered with faux science…

Taking a Bite from the Poisoned Apple

This post was co-authored by Natasha Bahrami, a foreign policy researcher, and Ali Arab, Ph.D., an assistant professor of statistics at Georgetown University. Last month, a young American woman was blocked from purchasing an Apple product at a local store in Alpharetta, Georgia. After overhearing her speaking Farsi, the second generation Iranian-American was informed that…

Five Dinners with President Ahmadinejad

Dr. Jim Walsh     The imagination reels.  Five dinners with Iran’s President Ahmadinejad.  What would you discuss?  What would be your top questions? MIT alumnus Dr. Jim Walsh did just that, and will report to us via an interview on Monday, June 4 via a live chat.  From the announcement: My Five Dinners with…

Facebook Feast

Monosodium. If you’re one Facebook, and you’re fascinated by science and nature, this is a terrific Subscribe to list.

Punching My Sister: Sir Isaac Newton

Netwon’s Apple Gravity (SodaHead). Sir Isaac Newton punching his sister? How about pricking a friend with a pin?

Chasing Stephen Hawking

Imagine spending a day with the brilliant physicist Stephen Hawking. What would you ask him? Guess who did, on St. Patrick’s Day?

Hidden Beauty in Turboencabulators

You might ask yourself, “What in the world is this guy in the white lab coat talking about?”

Unruly DNA

(Not Really) the Last Word on DNA from Virginia Hughes on Vimeo. Science writer Virginia Hughes brilliantly explains how DNA is packed into our cells using animation.

Down Syndrome’s Dolls. One of this year’s top finalists in the Intel Science Talent Search is a High School student studying self image of children with Down’s Syndrome, using dolls.

Building a résumé that gets an employer’s attention is serious business. Most employers need to be convinced that the candidate can be flexible and is an effective communicator. I have reviewed many résumés over the years, and this one is likely the most unusual.