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Photo source. Young ladies proudly displaying tattoos do not typically bring to mind a neuroscientist or a passionate advocate for science education, but that’s the point.

HuffPost Science Off to a Good Start

Yes, I am well aware of skeptics of The Huffington Post, especially in coverage of science, medicine and technology. Skepticism is a healthy process in science. So let’s look at the facts.

Lush Beauty of Mathematical Cornucopia

When I was an undergraduate student in Chemistry, I was treated to an unforgettable lecture by Prof. Carl Trindel on symmetry in nature. Vi Hart’s example takes this concept in a mathematical direction with depth, insight and beauty. Enjoy!

A Free MIT Education = MITx

Yes, earning a degree from MIT can be costly. Believe it or not, MIT has been offering free course materials for ten years now. If you’re an educator, and you’re not familiar with their extraordinary OpenCourseWare, you’re missing out. One hundred million people so far have learned from this free open source.

Where Did This Cheese Come From?

“Daddy, do you know where this cheese came from?”

Minute To Win It: The Sun

Why is the sun so hot?

Source. A newsworthy study about a genetic signature of centenarians published in Science has not stood up to scrutiny by the blogosphere and peer scientists and has now been formally retracted by the authors.

Are You %&*#ing Kidding Me?

Source. Disagreements can arouse passions. The blogosphere can be a battlefield, with rapid fire blog posts and comments flying to and fro, sometimes helpful and thoughtful, sometimes off point unbridled ranting.

Girls Rule Google Science Fair!

Winners (from left to right): Lauren Hodge, Shree Bose, Naomi Shah Girls swept all three age categories at Google’s first science fair!

Science Is Stupid, And Getting High

Ridue‘s Flickr photostream. This is not an endorsement for use of marijuana. I’ve always known that scientists and the news media don’t get along so well, but this is a bit much.