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Hidden Beauty in Turboencabulators

You might ask yourself, “What in the world is this guy in the white lab coat talking about?”

Air Guitar, Now Couch Guitar!

“Air guitar” has taken on almost cult status in some circles. How about “couch guitar”?

Extreme Dwarfism Computing

Brookesia micra sp. n. from Nosy Hara, northern Madagascar. Imagine a supercomputer suitable for this cute little guy, the recently discovered Brookesia micra.

First Human-Robonaut Handshake in Outer Space

This is a feel good story of the day – the world’s first human to humanoid robot handshake, in space! The robot even sent out a tweet.

Imagine the killer from the infamous “Headless Man Found in Topless Bar” murder was convicted using a photograph of the face of the victim, with reliability rivaling that of DNA analysis. Impossible?

New Anthrax Scare in Pakistan

Color-enhanced scanning electron micrograph shows splenic tissue from a monkey with inhalational anthrax; featured are rod-shaped bacilli (yellow) and an erythrocyte (red) Credit: Arthur Friedlander A university professor has allegedly mailed anthrax to the Pakistani prime minister’s office in October, accoding to today’s The New York Times. Could this be the beginning of a new…

OpenYale courses. Looking for free, open source learning materials about any subject, from top experts in the world? I used to think that MIT’s OpenCourseWare and Yale’s OpenYale courses were a “one stop shopping” source for this, until I came across this stunning, worldwide, multi-lingual collection of course materials.

Plant Sends Tweets for Water

Can a plant send tweets for water? It is possible, using a “do your own biology” approach.

A “holy grail” in spinal injury research is to repair the spinal cord with newly minted nerve cells. This study published in the journal ACS Chemical Neuroscience takes us a major leap forward, with the first evidence that cells from an umbilical cord — not from a fetus — can be transformed into active nerve…

Frequent Flyer Miles of Publishing?

Photo by Nicolas Genin. 66√®me Festival de Venise (Mostra) In the touching film “Up in the Air,” Ryan Bingham played by George Clooney has an ambition of earning ten million frequent flyer miles, for which he: receives an instant upgrade: a personally engraved metal card that will allow him to directly access his own private…