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Air Guitar, Now Couch Guitar!

“Air guitar” has taken on almost cult status in some circles. How about “couch guitar”?

Unruly DNA

(Not Really) the Last Word on DNA from Virginia Hughes on Vimeo. Science writer Virginia Hughes brilliantly explains how DNA is packed into our cells using animation.

Global Warming Mini-Horses?

Can global warming (weirding) lead to smaller mammals?

What ever happened to Ndugu?

To me, Ndugu, the little Tanzanian boy, embodies potential. Now he would be a teenager. What ever happened to Ndugu?

Rick Santorum: Live Longer with God

Why has our life expectancy increased so much since the American Revolution? According to Presidential candidate Rick Santorum: “Because God says they have rights.” What about the role of sanitation, nutrition, education, medicine?

First Human-Robonaut Handshake in Outer Space

This is a feel good story of the day – the world’s first human to humanoid robot handshake, in space! The robot even sent out a tweet.

SpongeBob: The Jig is Up!

SpongeBob, that iconic, impossible character living in a pineapple under the sea. You’ve been living a lie, you know?

Mass Arrest in Occupy Oakland

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at I’ve been following use of social media in freedom of speech throughout the Arab Spring…but something is going on in Oakland, California that deserves some attention.

Dirty Dancing for a Greener Planet

A dung beetle performing a dance on top of its dung ball. The little jig apparently helps the pea-brained beetles navigate. CREDIT: Emily Baird; Baird E, Byrne MJ, Smolka J, Warrant EJ, Dacke M / PLoS ONE Do you have a favorite animal? Chemist Sir Harold Kroto does. It is the dung beetle. Why?

Plant Sends Tweets for Water

Can a plant send tweets for water? It is possible, using a “do your own biology” approach.