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A Cigarette in my Dumplings

Don’t get me wrong. I love asian takeout food. Perhaps a bit too much. Here’s some really useful advice to avoid common and not so common pitfalls.

Commuting Dust Mites

This is a 285 micrometer racecar, printed at the Vienna University of Technology. Credit: Vienna University of Technology Imagine a car small enough for a dust mite. Crazy, right?

Hidden Beauty in Turboencabulators

You might ask yourself, “What in the world is this guy in the white lab coat talking about?”

Cheating Men, Grass-Eating Dogs

Could provide a snapshot of our collective inquiring minds?

Cut and Paste Bible Towards Reason

“I am of a sect by myself, as far as I know.” –Thomas Jefferson, 1819 Thomas Jefferson’s audacious act of cutting and pasting passages from various translations of the New Testament has always fascinated me. Why did he do it?

LSD, Hangover Cure?

Alcoholic Anonymous founder Bill Wilson put forth the controversial idea of using LSD, yes, LSD to reduce alcohol abuse. Is there any scientific evidence for this?

Here is a fascinating insight into President Obama as a young law student at Harvard, in 1991.

Liberate your Shoelaces, Flexagons!

Ads of the World. Can business cards evoke creativity, spark interest? Standard business cards seem outdated, dull, uninspiring. Liberate your shoelaces, your flexagons!

“30 Rock” Meets Icy Finger of Death

This undersea video looks like science fiction showing an icy finger of death killing everything in its path, but is a stunning portrayal of freezing point depression – with narrative by the inimitable Alec Baldwin of “30 Rock” fame on NBC.

Air Guitar, Now Couch Guitar!

“Air guitar” has taken on almost cult status in some circles. How about “couch guitar”?