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A Deep Sea Rated Flash Drive


So when I am down in a submersible, I worry about protection. What happens if I accidentally drop my USB flash drive out the window at 600 feet down? What if I am scuba diving and I need 8GB of memory? What if an evil deep-sea biologist snatches my USB wand and uses my data for his evil deeds? What if..?

I worry a lot about data storage but luckily Corsair has just released its Flash Survivor GT with a 8GB or 4GB option. The Survivor’s case is CNC-milled, anodized aircraft-grade aluminum, water resistant to 200M, and impervious to shock through its dampening collar. It also has encryption and a 10 year warranty. Hopefully, some representative from Corsair will read this and send me one to review!


  1. #1 pelf
    May 7, 2007

    What if I am scuba diving and I need 8GB of memory?


  2. #2 Proffesor Fate
    February 25, 2009

    You are paranoid, aren’t you? And that evil scientist guy, he says to remove the encriptions RIGHT NOW!

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