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i-4fcb42e5c7b7fbaef7ed5aa1d6eb9763-openlab07-200.pngApparently, Peter and I have finally done something right. Who I am kidding, Peter is perfect. I on the other hand am working Toward the Year of Craig to balance out the hell that was 2007. Low and behold I will not be needing this to wear around because Peter and I have managed to make it into OpenLab 2007

Well, The Day has arrived! After reading all of the 486 entries at least once (and many 2-3 times) and after calculating all of the judges’ ratings of all the posts, Reed Cartwright and I are happy to announce which [50] blog posts will be published in the second science blogging anthology, the “Open Laboratory 2007″.

Peter and I were one of honored ones for our biting commentary on the future of our oceans.

Our Ocean Future: The Glass Half Empty and Our Ocean Future: The Glass Half Full


  1. #1 Chris M
    January 2, 2008


    Here is the link to the other winners.

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