Deep Sea News

CR McClain

TGIF Bonus: What is that kid drawing?

Something brilliant… Even better if it had been an octopus.

TGIF: Sea Orchestra

Instead of charging extra for pillows why don’t they offer this as a service?

And The Winner For…

“Not Having the Faintest Idea of What They Are Doing Award” Goes To… GreenPeace! I really I have no idea what they are thinking by placing 150 2-3 ton granite blocks on the seafloor. Mark at blogfish and Miriam at Oyster’s Garter spell it all out so I don’t have to. I guess I’m back…

This Post Might Make You Cry

I’m sorry but I am going to ruin the rest of your day, week, month, and year. I don’t like packaging conservation messages in the negative but I fail to see any good spin for this. I was going to do a large write up about shifting baselines and Jeremy Jackson’s wonderfully written (as always)…

Sponge Bob Square ROV

At the request of some of the readers…

Hybrid Ships…R/V Prius?

The Blue Economy has started a list of hybrid sea going vessels. With with research institutes and industry starting to feel the crunch there seems to at least something other than apathy for the issue. The list is below the fold.

Everything Poops

Well not everything technically but copepods do. You may see poop but I see the beginning of a long happy process that ends on the deep-sea floor with an animal and a full tummy. Hat tip to Scribal Terror for bringing this to my attention.

Autosub6000 & Volcanic Ridges

The National Oceanography Centre in Southampton is leading an expedition to the Cayman Trough to explore the world’s deepest volcanic ridge. The will be using their new autonomous vehicle, Autosub6000, the ISIS.

New Remote Operated Vehicle Smell

It may have not smelled like a new car but it definitely smelled new. Yes we did get a new ROV here at MBARI! The new ROV will replace the beloved Tiburon that has been here since 1997 exploring every nook and cranny of the Northeast Pacific. Why the new ROV? Because we can! Serious…

Global Warming Rug

Home decorations to make you feel guilty. No if they only would make these in the form of floor mats for SUV’s. Link via Neatorama via Like Cool