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Living polyp of a Swiftia sp. sea fan. Photo credit: Peter Etnoyer, HRI. Many deep-water animals have never been photographed alive in their natural habitat, they’re known only from their pickled state. Dried, dusty, and broken specimens fill museum drawers. “Living specimen photography” captures vital information before a specimen is collected. Remember to “snap” before…

Eric over at that brilliant invertablog, The Other 95%, is hosting the next edition of Linnaeus’ Legacy. It is a blog carnival about taxonomy, biodiversity and systematics. The current edition is at A DC Birding Blog. You have 1 week to get in those submissions! Go here to submit.


Our expedition to the Twilight Zone is still on hold because of generator problems on the RV Nancy Foster. Now we’ve got Hurricane/Tropical Storm Gustav bearing down on us from the Caribbean. The storm is expected to enter the Gulf of Mexico Sunday morning. So, even if we made it out to the shelf break…

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While we give you more details about the BIG NEWS. Japanese researchers publish there super duper extremely important must kill all whales research. They are getting skinny! Though they cite global warming as the cause in their paper, Anthony Judd thinks they might be forgetting something… The Daily Mail report on a rare albino great…

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Oscar Wilde Was a Genius

“I have made an important discovery… that alcohol, taken in sufficient quantities, produces all the effect of intoxication.”


the one that heralds new discoveries, is not ‘Eureka!’ (I found it!) but ‘That’s funny …’ Isaac Asimov (1920 – 1992)

All truths are easy to understand…

…once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. Galileo Galilei (1564 – 1642)