Bogus pro-gun factoids

Diederich Andrew Richard said:

What you need to know before the fight begins is that the gun control
lobby has no intention of fighting a good fight based on truth
and accuracy. They intend to use disinformation, inaccuracy and lies
to mislead you.

And then follows an article full of disinformation, inaccuracy and
lies. I’ll just comment on the new stuff.

Remember Morton Grove? That was the suburban community in Illinois
where liberal anti-gunners wrested control of local government and
passed a local ordinance that prohibited anyone but a peace officer
from owning a handgun.

What the liberals haven’t told you is that Morton Grove had more homicides
after banning guns that it did when it was legal to have a gun in the
home. In Morton Grove, the crime rate rose 15.7 percent in 1988
compared to just 3 percent for the rest of suburban Cook County.

Cute. Your article “forgets” to mention that the Morton Grove
ordinance was passed in 1981. Don’t you think looking at what
happened to crime rates immediately after the ordinance was passed is
a teeny bit more relevant? Of course, they went down, so you have to
go all the way to 88 to find a year when they went up.

As a matter of fact, when criminals are surveyed they tell us
that they are more concerned about meeting an armed victim that they are
about running into the police. [Point to Mr Lambert. However
according to your own statistics, 34 percent of crims “regularly
worry about” getting caught. ASSUMPTION: this means caught “by the
police.” According to this paragraph, though, the crims are more
worried about running into an armed victim. Q.E.D. they’re most
worried about running into an armed victim. Match to Mr. Diederich.]

Sorry, the paragraph is false as I pointed out in my previous posting.
The actual survey result was that criminals think OTHER CRIMINALS are
more concerned about meeting an armed victim. When asked what they,
personally worry about, they give a different answer.