Switzerland, Mexico and the US

Peter K. Boucher said:

We have higher homicide rates than many nations, but guns aren’t
the cause of it. In any case, this kind of comparison can be
used by both sides (Mexico has stricter gun control and more
homicide, while Switzerland has more gun owners and less homicide),
but it remains IRRELEVANT.

Progunners have to reach into the third world and get their facts
wrong for their comparisons — Switzerland does not have more gun
owners than the US (no matter whether you count total owners, percent
owners, or militia guns as `owned’).

If you would like to argue that such
comparisons are relevant, perhaps you can explain to me why the
homicide rate in Japan is 2.3 TIMES as high as the homicide rate
among Japanese-Americans (who live here — where all the guns are).

Easy. It isn’t.