Handgun ownership rates across the world

Nosy said:

Perhaps Lambert can explain why the US murder RATE in
which feet and/or fists were used as weapons is higher
than the Canadian or UK murder rate with the same

Are feet and/or fists more “readily available” in
the United States than in Canada or the UK?

Why Nosy, didn’t you know that weapon availability is not the sole
determinate of the homicide rate? Given that, why can’t you come up a
international comparison to support your position involving first
world nations?

Switzerland does not have more gun
owners than the US (no matter whether you count total owners, percent
owners, or militia guns as `owned’).

Reallllly? I would like to see a citation on this,
if I might. I have reason to believe that a higher
percentage of Swiss homes have a firearm inside
than in the US.

Look in “Experiences of Crime across the World” van Dijk, Mayhew
and Killias (1991). This reports the result of an international
victimisation survey in the US, Canada, Australia and 11 European
countries. Handguns were present in 29% of US households.
Switzerland was second with 14% (about half of these were identified
as army guns). The US also had the highest percentage of households
with any sort of gun.