Michael J. Phelps writes:

Wright (1983) compare handgun attacks with long bladed knife attacks;
as do Wilson & Sherman (1961 p 643) with findings of:

mortality rate for handguns: 16.8%
                  ice picks: 14.3
             butcher knives: 13.3

Kleck has made a dishonest selection of data from Wilson & Sherman:
from the same table that the figures above were plucked from:

                       rifles: 7.7

Unless you think that handguns are twice as deadly as rifles, this should be a clue that something is very wrong. (Another clue, free of charge: 2/15=13.3% and 2/14=14.3%)

[note that these rates don’t address untreated woundings, so the 16%
handgun mortality rate correlates well with Cook’s 15%]

They also don’t address untreated DEATHs, so the comparison is bogus.