Phallic Symbols

Nosy wrote:

Saying all firearms are phallic symbols is stupid and a lie.

Bizarre. Nosy is apparently unaware of the difference between a
phallus and a phallic symbol.

No, the whole concept of a “phallic symbol” is discredited and
worthless concept. I’m not aware of any respectable schools of
psychology that still teach it, except as an example of bogus
methodology. The concept seems to survive only in non-scientific
circles such as feminist literary criticism. To apply a term
that is known to be meaningless is “stupid and a lie.”

Let me get this straight: You claim

  1. The term “phallic symbol” is meaningless. and

  2. Therefore, to apply it is a lie.

Statement 1. is false and even if it were true, statement 2 does not follow.

Statement 1 is false:
You yourself admit that the term is used in literary criticism. If
the original post had been to sci.psychology you would arguably have a
point, but it wasn’t so you don’t. Furthermore, everyone seemed to
understand that by talk.politics.phallic-symbols Ted meant
talk.politics.guns. If “phallic symbol” was as meaningless as you
claim, the reaction would have been “Huh?” instead of the silly flames
that we saw.

Statement 2 does not follow from statement 1:
The term “sdfsdfdsf” is meaningless. According to you, the statement
“Sdfsdfdsfs are green.” is a lie. Nope. The statement is merely

As for your claim that it was “stupid”, the effect of that one line
seems to have been to make several pro-gunners look stupid, so “part of
Ted’s devious master plan to make pro-gunner’s look like idiots” might
be a better description 🙂