Wake up, America!

Dennis O’Connor writes:

The issue of wether Dutch Naval Lt. Van Muers is actually a foriegn
agent illegally operating under the guise of a student visa will be
resolved by the FBI and State Department. It is not relevant to the
charter of talk.politics.guns.

I had considered Dennis to be a paranoid loon or an agent provocateur,
but two documents somebody emailed me have caused the scales to fall
from my eyes. I now realize that Dennis is a true patriot who speaks
the Truth. The first document, “The Protocols of the Elders of the
Hague” is the Dutch secret plan for world domination. The second,
“None dare call it Gouda”, shows how they are spreading their
tentacles throughout society. Some highlights:

  • the Truth about Dutch Elm Disease
  • Tulips: genetically engineered to produce mind control drugs
  • why the UN HQ is in New Amsterdam
  • the Brady bill is really the Brajdy Bill and was translated from
    the Dutch
  • 8086 architecture secret Dutch plan to cripple computer industry.

Don’t let Pim van Meurs, the Dutch James Bond, pull the wool over your
eyes! Don’t wait till you hear the sound of wooden jackboots and the
ominous shadow of a windmill falls across the land! Act now!

Dennis, you have my utmost support. Be warned: the State Department
is riddled with Dutch sympathizers. Make sure that the person you
talk to doesn’t have a name like “van Rijn” or “Rembrandt”.

P.S. See April 1973 “National Lampoon” for more details of the Dutch
master plan.