Richard A. De Castro writes:

So, in addition to getting the (perhaps, perhaps not) Dr. Van Meurs thrown
out of the country png (persona non gratia), which means that he would
probably never (ever) be allowed back in, another tactic would be to
get him banned from the NSF-net side of the internet.

The possibilities are endless.

All right!! Someone else who prepared to publicly come out against
free speech in order to preserve our liberties. Dennis, you’ve
started a movement!

I suggest we call ourselves CREEP – Club to REmovE Pim. Dennis can be
president. I came up with a club song:

Who’s the leader of the club that’s made for banning Pim?
D E N, N I S, C O N E R.

I had to change the spelling of O’Conner to fit the song, but maybe he
could have his last name officially changed to match?

I came up with a better plan than deporting Pim: we should intern him
and all other Dutch nationals and all of the gun grabbers. Pim will
be laughing on the other side of his face when he’s in the
concentration camp, chained up to Ann Landers and Sarah Brady.