“At-home” burglaries

Mark Gibson writes:

And Waller and Okihiro (1978, p. 31) reported
that 44% of burglarized Toronto residences were occupied during the
burglaries, with 21% of the burglaries resulting in confrontations between
victim and offender.

Waller and Okihiro did not have enough money to conduct a full victim
survey of Toronto, so concentrated on some high crime areas. Their
results do not necessarily generalize to the whole city. A full
victim survey of Edmonton in 1987 found an at-home rate of 10%, which
is less than that for the US.

That would not explain why at-home burglary rates appear to be
inversely correlated with gun-ownership rates.

How on earth can you claim this, Mark? After all, you have dismissed
the NCVS (source of the at-home burglary rates) as flawed and the ICS
(source of the gun-ownership) rates as fraudulent.