Gun-free home sign

Steve Fischer wrote:

Place a large placard either in the window of your home/apt or
on a sign on the grass saying:


….. then let’s wait a couple of months and see how many of those
homes get burglarized.

Martin Gleeson writes:

Here’s one for the anti-gun-control advocates. Put up a big sign saying:


and see how many of these homes gets burglarized.

Bert Hyman writes:

It seems that you’ve managed to miss the entire point of this little exercise.

Nope. I’m well aware of the pro-gunners claim that their guns protect
everyone from burglary. Whether or not these claims are true is
another question. Are burglars really that terrified of guns, or do
they see them as just another particularly portable and saleable item that
they can steal? NCVS data indicates that burglars steal guns about
ten times as often as residents use a gun to defend against burglary.

So why don’t all of you pro-gunners put up signs? If you are right,
then burglars will flock to the houses without signs, forcing even
non-gun-owners to put up signs and you will have, at the very least, a
moral victory. Hmmm?

On the other hand, in your disarmed society, there is no doubt in the
criminal’s mind; all potential victims are equally vulnerable. In this
situation, advertising is not necessary.

Oddly enough, it doesn’t seem to encourage the criminals — violent
crime is less common on this side of the Pacific.


  1. #1 Rick
    November 15, 2005

    Well, my dad’s house got burglarized 20 years ago. Since then he put up a sign.

    “This house guarded by shotgun three nights a week. YOU GUESS WHICH THREE!”

    Never had a problem since.

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