Sock puppet accusation

Alan Peyton-Smith writes:

Oh, BTW, I have good reason to believe that this Brian Ross we’re
talking about is the same Brian Ross who created a few extra Internet
accounts for himself under false names such as David Bowman and Kylie
Minogue and Tim Lambert and possibly several others.

Are you really gullible enough to believe everything you read on
Usenet? A gentleman who goes by the name of Nosy has been making the
absurd allegation that I am really a pseudonym for Brian Ross. He’s
doing this in a rather lame attempt to annoy me.

I’ll be happy to prove that I’m not a pseudonym for Brian Ross right
after you do. I mean, isn`t it a bit a suspicious that you ALWAYS get
comprehensively trounced whenever you argue with him? Surely a real
person could occasionally win one? Could it be that Brian has
invented you to make himself look good? Well?

I have on several occasions asked Brian to deny that he has ever
engaged in this sort of bizarre behaviour, he has never replied.

Well I deny that I am Brian Ross. If you don’t believe me, you must
concede that Brian has denied your bizarre allegation.