Does Kellermann miscite?

EdgarSuter wrote:

whether or not Mr. Lambert disagrees with a single quote of my
assessment of the harmful nostrum of gun control, he has yet to
explain the habitual fabricated citations of Kellermann (noted in
my letter to Emerg Med News)

All right, let’s have a look at the first one:

citation of sources for support when the sources were actually
non-supportive; [1(at citations 2 and 15-17),
[1] Kellermann AL, Rivara FP, Rushforth NB et al. “Gun ownership as a
risk factor for homicide in the home.” N Engl J Med. 1993;
329(15): 1084-91.

Now let’s look at what Kellermann said:

“Homicide rates declined in the United States during the early 1980s but
rebounded thereafter.[2]”

The statement is certainly true and the source would be supportive if it
has a table giving homicide rates in the 80s.

“Previous studies of risk factors for homicide have employed
correlational analysis[15] or retrospective cohort[16] or
time-series[17] designs to link rates of homicide to specific risk

Reference 15 is Cook’s study on robbery which found a link between gun
ownership and robbery homicide. Reference 16 is Sloan et al’s
Vancouver-Seattle comparison which found more homicides in Seattle.
Reference 17 is Loftin et al’s study on the Washington DC gun law which
found that the gun homicide rate was significantly less after the ban.

All three studies do say what Kellermann says they do.

Your claims that Kellermann has fabricated citations seem to be