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David Kaun on Lott

David Kaun, who is Professor of Economics at University of California Santa Cruz has an article over at BuzzFlash discussing Lott’s More Guns, Less Crime.

It would seem that some wag has had some fun at poor Professor Reynolds’ expense. Reynolds has an update with an email supposedly from one Brendan Dooher that reads: I worked with the study director at the National Academy of Sciences (he is actually in the National Academy of Engineering) when I was a Fellow…

Some responses to Glenn Reynolds’ post yesterday: Tbogg considers Reynolds to be washing his hands and changing the subject. Tom Spencer observes that it is dishonest of Reynolds to respond to criticism without providing a link to that criticism. Roger Ailes reckons that Reynolds is being unfair to Lott by calling him “disingenuous” for not…


Links from Guy Cabot, Alan Schussman (twice!).

Kevin Drum comments on Lott’s weighting scheme. He also links to a January posting which has this explanation from Lott explaining how he might have got a weight of 1/8 from his weighting procedure (my emphasis). Whether it is possible depends upon how finely you do the weighting. If you do something as simple as…

Reynolds forgets how to link

Glenn Reynolds finally gets around to blogging on the accusation in his article that Levitt is “rabidly antigun”. Remarkably, Reynolds does not mention or link to any of the discussion about this that has occurred on many blogs.


Incoming links from Tapped and American Politics Journal.

Lott’s bogus weighting scheme

Last September Lott told Lindgren that he “weighted his respondents by demographic information taken from his main national study in More Guns, Less Crime” On January 14 he provided more details: I did not weight the sample by household size but used the state level age, race, and sex data that I had used in…

Blogs comment on Kopel and Reynolds

Roger Ailes comments on Reynolds and Kopel’s failure to show any evidence in support of the “rabidly antigun” claim. Greg Beato also has some extensive comments. Tom Spencer has two comments, as does Atrios here and here.

Otis Dudley Duncan has written an excellent article on Lott and defensive gun use surveys. I’ll quote from the conclusion, but you really should read the whole thing: Investigators are obliged to tell the truth about what they take from the work of other investigators and to provide verifiable evidence and complete documentation for statements…