Lott has a new entry on his blog where he posts a transcript from Fox News that apparently has the father of the murdered children saying:

“If a gun would have been here today, I’d have at least a daughter alive.”

I was mistaken when I suggested that the quote was a fabrication. The quote implies that all his daughters were murdered when they weren’t, but perhaps it didn’t imply this in its original context.

In any case Lott has not responded to the rest of my post, instead concentrating on one minor point. In two blog postings now Lott has neither supported nor admitted errors in the claims that

  1. “the sensible girl ran for where the family guns were stored. But they were locked up tight.”,
  2. that she was unable to use her parents gun because it had a trigger lock on it,
  3. that every newspaper in the state suppressed this fact,
  4. that the Cummings paper did not use fixed year effects

Unfortunately, this behaviour is not new. He still has not responded to the serious charges that on two occasions his data contained systematic coding errors that happened to support his thesis.