gzuckier explains, in detail, what is wrong with Lott’s criticism of Kellermann.

For some reason, Kellermann’s work seems to provoke badly flawed criticism. In another posting gzuckier demolishes three other critiques. In an earlier posting I noted that a critique by Kopel and Reynolds got all its facts wrong. And in a AEI event promoting Lott’s new book, Carl Moody claimed:

The second cut is, as you say, is the data available to other researchers [inaudible], and the answer is no for Kellermann, so I think he’s lying. He’s refused repeated requests for his data. So, no, I don’t trust him and I don’t think anybody here in this room should trust him, or anywhere else, for that matter.

I pointed out to Moody that Kellermann’s data was available for download from the ICPSR. Moody had his slander of Kellermann edited out of the transcript. I suggested that he should publicly apologize to Kellermann. He initially said that he would be happy to do so, but reneged, saying that he thought Kellermann would prefer not to get an apology (false, in fact).