site defaced now just contains the following text: was recently hacked by someone who values the Second Amendment but not the First. Although we at can understand why pro-gun extremists would be afraid of free speech, we believe that the entire Bill of Rights should be upheld.

Ask John Lott will be restored soon. In the meantime, the following sites provide information about the John Lott controversy:

Who Is Mary Rosh?

More Guns, More Crime

Tim Lambert’s weblog

Thanks, and long live the Bill of Rights!

This thread over at has the text that was on the defaced page:

OK! I’ve got the site now! Now the tables have turned and they’re going to jail, without a penny to their names. Hey, can somebody help me, I don’t know John Lott’s email address, but let me know, because I’ve got the password now to this site!! Send me an email to SAVED@ASKJOHNLOTT.ORG. What kind of message should we leave to all those commie bastards…let me know what you think of this:

“If you mess with the 2nd amendment then we’ll mess with the 1st!”

[This was followed by ordering information for The Bias Against Guns ]

Earlier in the thread there was a post pointing out that the site was vulnerable. There was also speculation Jonah Peretti was behind

Since now links to me, I should also note that I have no connection with the people behind the site and don’t know who they are.

And could people please use the word “cracker” to refer to someone who breaks into systems? We would like to reclaim the original meaning of “hacker“.