Was askjohnlott really cracked?

Jeff Johnson has an story on the defacement of askjohnlott.org (now restored, by the way), but apparently both Lott and Larry Pratt suspect that the defacement was staged:

“I think we have to assume that the owner of the fraudulent site that hijacked John Lott’s name is running scared,” Pratt speculated. “And certainly, until we know for sure, it’s a possibility that he may have hacked this to try to throw off the scent.”

However, as I noted yesterday, in this freeper thread someone observed that the site was vulnerable and it was defaced some time after that. Consider also the cheers and backslapping going on at freerepublic.com. I think it reasonable to suppose that some pro-gun person defaced the site.

Johnson also mischaracterizes two of the sites that askjohnlott.org links to:

The site now provides links to three websites, one of which is on the same domain name servers as the AskJohnLott.org site. The second links to an anti-Second Amendment web log hosted by a university lecturer in Australia

The first site, whoismaryrosh.com is not on the same name server as askjohnlott.org. The second site is this blog, which is not “anti-Second Amendment”. I’m somewhat critical of Lott, but if pro-gunners think that the Second Amendment depends on Lott in some way, then they are in a lot of trouble.