Inspired by Ron Davis’ comments on editing old posts and Justene Adamec’s excellent post on Blogging Loosely Applied Practices (BLAP) (hat tip: Kevin Drum) I have decided to adopt the BLAP. So:

  1. I link to stuff I mention.
  2. Once I have posted, I do not make substantive changes to the post, except for clearly labelled updates. Some lucky readers might see the post as I am editing it. It doesn’t count as posted till I stop editting it.
  3. I credit other bloggers when I post about something that I found via their blog.
  4. I reserve the right to edit comments left here for clarity and brevity, to fix typos, and to remove obscene or inflammatory language.
  5. I put blogs in my blogroll if I read them regularly. If you examine my blogroll, it should be clear that I don’t agree with everyone on the roll.


  1. #1 Michael Peckham
    August 24, 2003

    Tim, might I suggest adding a timestamp to your posts, as well? Also, your permalinks aren’t immediately self-evident, and it might be useful to make them a little more obvious. Just a couple of thoughts…

  2. #2 Tim Lambert
    August 24, 2003

    I’ve added time stamps. They will only appear for new posts, since I didn’t have that information for older posts. The permalinks have been changed to the word “link” instead of the icon, which looked nicer, but wasn’t obvious.

  3. #3 xcentrik
    August 24, 2003

    I have always wondered, in reference to Mr. Lott’s alleged “computer crash”, that supposedly wiped out his early survey: I presume this refers to a hard drive crash, as the failure of other components would not delete data. “Crashes”, unlike, say, deliberate erasures of data, do not eradicate all of the data on the computer. Hard drive crashes typically involve the failure of the write/retrieve mechanisms, and although these render the data temporarily unavailable, they do not typically damage the recording medium itself. As Mr. Lott would have surely been informed had he contacted any computer professional with respect to his precious data, there are numerous companies across the country that specialize in retrieving date from crashed hard drives. If Mr. Lott wanted to prove that he suffered such a crash, he would only have to prove which data retrieval service he contacted, and when. Did he ever go to the trouble of contacting a data retrieval service, perchance, or did he say, “What the hell, it was only months worth of work that proved a point that I constantly make?”

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