Anti-gun? Moi?

Say Uncle suggests that I am “anti-gun” and implies that I “favor more gun control in the US”. i-a27e20dcc24b6839720ee58a53a8e685-timgeoffcowboys2.jpg I am not “anti-gun”. Here is a picture of me (on left) with a gun. Unless you think that Lott is some sort of gun, criticizing him is not being “anti-gun”. Nor do I favour more gun control in the US. I have never written anything saying what I think the laws in the US should be—I don’t think that is any of my business. As for Australia, I felt that the laws before 1996 were about right and I do not think that the 1996 laws were a good idea. (Not that there is the slightest scrap of merit to the claims by American pro-gunners that the 1996 laws caused increases in crime.)


  1. #1 SayUncle
    March 3, 2004

    Apologies for the confusion. Statement has been rescinded. BTW, though I have never said it, I appreciate you keeping the debate honest.

  2. #2 Kevin Baker
    March 4, 2004

    am glad to hear it.

    Please forgive knee-jerk reactions. Gun owners have been, as one writer described it, the victims of a “decades-long slow motion hate crime.” It’s left us a bit touchy.

    And the preview feature seems to work quite well!

  3. #3 Kevin P.
    March 13, 2004

    I agree. As Kevin Baker says, if you were a gun owner living in the States and were subject to the barrage of oppression disguised as objective news reporting and “reasonable gun control”, you would be sensitive as well.

    We have our many differences, but I appreciate the tone that you have maintained and your role in keeping our side intellectually honest by rooting out John Lott. (Although I will point out that it is easier to keep our side intellectually honest 😉 )

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