At the The High Road there was some discussion of the cherry picked Lott article I discussed here. One poster, “agricola”, criticized Lott, linking to my blog. Another poster, “fallingblock”, responded:

I contacted John Lott a while back and asked him for the details of his discussions with Tim Lambert.

According to Lott, he has offered several times to provide data for Tim and Lambert does not reply.

Lott tried to make it look like I refused to look at the data and attacked him regardless. In fact, I have not received any email from Lott since 1999. All of my email to him since my first email about the mysterious survey have gone unanswered. Lott’s claim had the desired effect—fallingblock concluded (erroneously):

My opinion is that Tim Lambert is yet another anti-gun Australian of the academic elite – the sort who seem to drive so much of the riduculous firearms legislation here in Australia.

I contacted fallingblock to point out that Lott had not contacted me. He emailed Lott to seek an explanation, and sure enough, Lott’s story changed. Fallingblock posted:

I’ve had a few emails from John Lott and he quite correctly states that the data is all available at his website for anyone to view.

Dr. Lott remains quite open to any specific questions concerning his research and generously offered to answer any of my own.

He also maintains that Tim Lambert was among the first to receive the data when it became available.

Yes, I was among the first to get the data from his 2002 survey. But in his email to fallingblock, Lott had implied that I had ignored his offers to supply me with that data. And note that Lott did not made this charge publically, where I could rebut it, but in a private email where he thought I would never find out about it. I wonder what other things he is saying behind my back?


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    June 2, 2004

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