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Kevin Baker observes that Lott has removed Baker from his blogroll, presumably because Baker has described Lott as the pro-gun version of Michael Bellesiles.

This fits in with Lott’s practice of not linking to criticism, which suggests that he thinks his position is a weak one. Rather than link to crticism and refute it he tries to pretend that it does not exist. Even when he does respond to criticism I make here, he does not link or correctly inform his readers what the source of the criticism is, instead claiming that someone emailed it to him. (For example, see here.)

I have Lott on my blogroll and I link to his statements that I criticize. I want readers to see his side and my side and make up their own minds. To help anyone who wants to see Lott’s blog and also the criticism of it, I have written a CGI script that adds permalinks, comments and trackbacks to Lott’s blog. You can see the result here.


  1. #1 dsquared
    August 11, 2004

    I’m getting the trackback and comment links, but not the permalinks?

    Also, just talking hypothetically, what would the CGI script do if past Lott posts got accidentally edited, had the datestamps changed or became lost in a hard drive crash?

  2. #2 Tim Lambert
    August 11, 2004

    Oh, you were expecting visible permalinks? OK, done.

    As for the possibility of datestamps changing and disk crashes and stuff, who ever heard of lightning striking twice three n+1 times in the same place?

  3. #3 Bob H
    September 17, 2004

    Have you looked at the amount of time between these two posts by Kevin Baker. It was months. Is this serious? In the first one Kevin Baker claims that he did not like Lott but Lott does nothing for a long time. Aren’t you making a big post hoc ergo propter hoc jump in logic? But from what I can tell that is what you see to be doing all the time.

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