Earthquake and Tsunami

The Sydney Morning Herald has an informative page with news and links for donations. I donated to The Australian Red Cross, who have already raised $3 million. You have to look hard to find any good aspect to such a terrible catastrophe but the generosity of my fellow human beings certainly qualifies.


  1. #1 ChrisPer
    December 31, 2004

    Good on you Tim. There is an interesting column on the Times site suggesting donor countries or communities adopt particular countries or communities to ‘do Aid better’. Having seen its misuse in Africa (eg propping up the Mugabe regime) I think a long-term relationship could allow better targeting of development aid, and perhaps minimise deleterious effects such as free food aid devaluing local farm produce.

  2. #2 Ian Gould
    December 31, 2004


    You may be aware of the Australian government’s “enhanced engangement” program with Papua New Guineau and the south-east Pacific island states which is along these lines.

    While I criticise a lot of the Howard’s government’s actions this seems like a good program, at least based on my limited knowledge of it.

  3. #3 ChrisPer
    January 1, 2005

    Thanks for the comment Ian. I have spent a month at Tabubil, visited Kiunga, and worked with PNG professionals who came to Australia; the contrast between the horror stories and the great people I know is incredible to us mere Aussie innocents. I will read further on the program you name.

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