Grogblogging 2

I went to a get together for bloggers in Sydney last night. Writing more about it than I am are Fulmination Dave, Leigh Cartwright, Bourbonbird, an-open-mind, the bed and breakfast man, Misha, Dreadnought and Glen Fuller. Of particular note is Dreadnought’s account of having to leave after a few minutes because the venue insisted that his partner remove his headgear, even though they explained that he was wearing it for religous reasons.

Update: And Philip Gomes, Spleenie, Antony Loewenstein, Ausculture Jess and Darp.

Update 2: OK, Mark, Muffin, mikey, Edward and Agent Fare Evader.


  1. #1 BourbonBird
    May 8, 2005

    Good times, Tim! Thanks for the intermittent chats, I have a feeling that was more my fault, since the Peter Andre in me was busting to get out. You can blame Spleenie for that one. Cheers!

  2. #2 Spleenie
    May 9, 2005

    SLANDER! 🙂

  3. #3 Dr. Cam Sexenheimer
    May 9, 2005

    Oh, you and your fancy Technorati updatery! Good to meet you the other night.

  4. #4 TallDave
    May 10, 2005

    Always great to see bloggers get together.

  5. #5 David Heidelberg
    May 11, 2005

    I’m just sorry that I missed out!

    May 11, 2005

    At least it appears it wasn’t the RSL’s fault, rather a problem with the venue and its management.

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