Lott has a response to my post about his libel of John Donohue. He writes:

2) Unfortunately, the second planned debate was also cancelled. The debate was rescheduled for April 13th this year, and I made sure to reconfirm it because of the previous cancelation. The student at Chicago who set up the debate said that even though he had confirmed the debate with me multiple times and even though we had taken a date that I was told that Donohue wanted, the claim is that the debate somehow hadn’t been completely confirmed with Donohue.

Compare that with what the student told Lott:

If there is anyone you should blame for jerking you around, it is me. I had been keeping in loose touch with Professor Donohue via Professor Harcourt and believed, incorrectly, that the 13th was a day that he had mentioned would be available to Donohue. This was wrong, and the misunderstanding was mine, I was not deliberately misled. I contacted Donohue after you had set up the 13th and then found out that in fact it wouldn’t work … But I must emphasize that the failure here was the result of my own incompetence and cannot be attributed to evasion on the part of Donohue.

Lott also states:

The University of Chicago Federalist Society was again willing to have me give another talk that wasn’t in a debate format, but they insisted that I remove the statements regarding the canceled debates from my website. (They simply viewed my posts about the April 13th event being critical of the Federalist Society (I disagree), and the earlier post that they wanted removed because they didn’t want to be involved in a debate about a debate.) I told them that I would correct anything that they told me was wrong, but I wasn’t going to remove the postings. If people set up debates and back out at the last moment, they should be held accountable.

Of course, in the student’s email above, Lott had already been told that he had wrongly blamed Donohue for the cancellation of April 13 and he still has not corrected his post. And here is what Lott posted about the April 13 event:

It seems like we have been through this before. In December, John Donohue cancelled our debate that was scheduled at the University of Chicago for December 2 on November 30th. After what had happened in the Fall, I double checked to make sure everything was confirmed before I turned down another talk that I had the chance to give, and I was assured that the event was set and that I should get my plane ticket. This time our debate that was scheduled at the University of Chicago on April 13th and cancelled with just six days to go.

It isn’t even slightly critical of the Federalist Society but Lott claims that they found it so critical that they demanded its removal.