The return of hate mail guy

“Dave Curry”, the fellow who sent me a very nasty email and then a nice apology is back, using another sockpuppet to attack me:

Lambert was toasted on the Climate Audit website. Lambert is very quick to impugn the motives of others, criticise them for not having good enough credentials (according to Lambert) whenever someone’s opinion differs from his own. He had the temerity to accuse someone with degrees from Harvard and MIT as not being a reputable academic (according to a post at Climate Audit). Posters asked if Lambert’s degrees and expertise afford him the podium to throw at s…. at others.

Lambert’s recent post is a call for sympathy from his sycophantic audience to share his pain for being criticised. Mr. Popularity got all of 5 posts with one asking what was the purpose of the post. I will answer that. The purpose was to have a public cry. This p…. attempts to savage anyone in his wake, but is unable to take it himself. What a creep! I hope Lambert isn’t typical of the faculty where he teaches.
Climate Audit is doing a very good job at exposing shoddy and sometimes deceitful studies in climate science. Lambert supports the shoddy work because these studies favour his own far left ideological angry left views.

Lambert is a sook and and a far leftist pretending otherwise.

“Dave Curry” seems to enjoy creating sockpuppets to interact with me—other identities he has used include S Brid, Pessimist and Joe Cambria. The last one seems to be his real name.

Update: Joe Cambria emails to boast that he used another sock puppet on Climate Audit to make over a dozen posts abusing me. He was basically ignored, so the post above is his attempt to make it look like someone was paying attention, even though it was just another one of his socks.


  1. #1 z
    August 22, 2005

    A sook? What’s a sook?

  2. #2 Ian Gould
    August 22, 2005

    Sook is colloquial Australian for “cry-baby”.

    As near as I can work out, “Dave Curry” is an American residing in Australia who thinks this gives him some brilliant insight into the Australian mind.

    Presumably he listens to foreigners living in the US with the rapt adoration he expects from us.

  3. #3 Meyrick Kirby
    August 23, 2005

    A “sook” is an annoying individual who has nothing better to do than “spell flame”, that is complaining about other people’s spelling on the Internet.

    Invariably they themselves have a questionable grasp of the English language, such as an inability to read, hence they misread “sock” as “sook”, and then complain about it with ill-placed smug sarcasm.

    Quite sad really!

  4. #4 Hipocrite
    August 23, 2005

    Remember Lott’s webmaster, who “conceded that his explanation was incorrect?” Apparently he’s now denying conceeding that. Perhaps you should post his email, now that he’s challenging your accuracy through intermediaries?

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