It was twenty years ago today


Love you Carmen.


  1. #1 jet
    August 30, 2005

    Congratulations, that is quite an accomplishment. Best regards.

  2. #2 Dano
    August 30, 2005

    Nice! Congratulations to both of you. Many more, sir.


  3. #3 Chris
    August 30, 2005

    Congrats! As Jet says, 20 years is one heck of an accomplishment.

  4. #4 John Cross
    August 30, 2005

    My sincere wishes for the both of you.

  5. #5 _PK_
    August 30, 2005

    Congrats, for me it’s 22. Looking at the picture you posted, you seem happier than her. Trust me, I got the better of the deal too.

  6. #6 Scott Church
    August 30, 2005

    Congratulations Tim! These days 20 years is an amazing accomplishment (I just past 11 years myself, but I’m aiming for your track record!). Many blessings and many more decades to both of you and your children.


  7. #7 david tiley
    August 31, 2005

    That is really sweet. There’s a lot to be said for the long haul.

  8. #8 Sadly, No!
    August 31, 2005

    Congratulations! :-)

  9. #9 anthony
    August 31, 2005

    Aww! Congratulations to you both.

  10. #10 Helen
    August 31, 2005

    Congratulations, Tim! Cynicism suspended for now…

  11. #11 SayUncle
    August 31, 2005

    Congrats and here’s hoping to many more.

  12. #12 Scott
    September 7, 2005

    Even though I’m a week late reading this, the 31st was my third anniversary so I can’t resist. CONGRATULATIONS!

    — A Different Scott than Mr.Church

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