Lott in New Zealand

Terence is justifiably annoyed that his tax dollars are being spent on having John Lott give a keynote speech on firearms safety at a conference in New Zealand. Lott is going to claim that safe storage laws increase crime. I don’t know if he will continue to misrepresent the research that contradicts his claims.

We also have this disingenuous claim from Lott:

The [Green Party] has described one of the speakers, John Lott, as the world’s most controversial pro-gun researcher. But Lott says he is not sure how he gained such a title. He says that overall gun control usually causes more problems than it helps and he says that as an academic he looks at the net effect.

Hey John! This is how you got the title.

The conference organiser seems to be sadly misinformed:

McConchie says all speakers are academics whose work is peer-reviewed and they cannot risk their reputations by promoting or opposing the gun lobby. He says they are just presenting the facts about what safety issues have worked or failed in other countries.

If Lott were to present the facts, he would mention this paper. But I bet he doesn’t


  1. #1 z
    February 22, 2006

    “McConchie says all speakers are academics whose work is peer-reviewed”

    Or at least were, at one time.

  2. #2 Peter Bickle
    February 22, 2006

    Cheaper than paying for Bill Clinton’s security costs while he is here.

  3. #3 Anon
    March 4, 2006

    I looked at the paper by P. Cummings, D. C. Grossman, F. P. Rivara and T. D. Koepsell, but could you tell me what page and paragraph in their paper that they actually look at crime numbers or homicides. I can’t actually find it, but I was hoping that you could tell me what I am missing.

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