Deja Clue Three

PZ Myers writes

Time’s former “Blog of the Year,” the execrable PowerLine blog with which I share a state, has done it again: said something so stupid and so palpably false that I’m feeling a bit embarrassed about ragging on Oklahoma in my previous post–I should feel ashamed by association at being a Minnesotan. Check out Deltoid: down is up in the world of the Hindrocket.

I feel PZ’s pain. I share a state with Tim Blair, who has now made exactly the same blunder as Hindrocket: “An Inconvenient Truth continues cooling”. We’ll see a correction from Blair sometime around never…

Oh what? You saw this post before? Twice. Well he’s made the same “up is down” blunder again. Last time, after he had linked to a June 27 story in his first post and a similar June 26 story in his next one, I predicted:

Next month he’ll link to a June 25 story about Gore’s ticket sales.

Silly me, he linked to a June 18 story this month. And because he keeps linking to earlier and earlier stories he makes it look the total sales for An Inconvenient Truth are decreasing, prompting comments like this from his fans:

Just $6.4 million total on less than 2 millions last week? I forget, who was the troll that tried to tell us it would easily pull in tens of millions…?

Actually the total is already $17.4 million and it’s still going strong, so it will certainly pull in tens of millions. Oops.


  1. #1 Mark Shapiro
    July 20, 2006

    Will the Barton hearings help or hurt Gore’s book and movie? If you believe that all publicity is good publicity, Congress just gave him some.

    It was mostly bald lies however. At least 2 R congressmen said that the MBH98/99 graph was in Gore’s book and movie. Since one cited page 64 in the book, I looked it up. It’s a hockey stick all right, but it’s from Lonnie Thompson’s ice core data!

    Note to Professor Thompson: Get ready – they are gunning for you. CA already has a couple articles attacking and belittling him and his work.

  2. #2 Ender
    July 20, 2006

    Yep – I don’t think that they will leave a proxy study untouched. It is after all all they know.

  3. #3 hank
    July 20, 2006

    Yeah, I watched that part of the hearing in sober amazement.

    The Rep. from, I think, Florida was absolutely convinced that chart in Gore’s book looked like a ‘hockey stick’ so he was sure it must be based on Mann’s work.

    The witnesses told him that the IPCC got that from Lonnie Thompson from borehole studies, and he muttered that they were trying to confuse people and shouldn’t it be relabeled as from Mann.

    What was even funnier was Wegman saying they digitized that temperature chart “cartoon” from the first IPCC — the one that was a hand drawn sketch with a bump in the Medieval times, that was meant to give some idea of what might have been going on when nobody knew enough to say more — and from that derived numbers he then tested for correctness.

  4. #4 TCO
    July 22, 2006

    you totally missed the point of what he did. He is showing that the method will push any distinct shape to prominence.

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