Nexus 6 on the 59 cm myth

Nexus 6 writes about critics of the IPCC

There has been a concerted attempt by a number of contrarians with media access to use the findings of the summary to discredit claims about the degree of climate change and its impacts.

A lot of these claims seem to revolve around the myth that the IPCC summary states that sea-levels will raise by a maximum of 59cm by 2099.

Nexus 6 gives us Jennifer Marohasy, who has an article in Courier Mail:

…..the IPCC summary indicates that sea levels have risen by just 17cm and may rise by no more than another 18cm, certainly no more than 59cm by 2099.

Nexus 6:

There are a number of scenarios given and the sea-level response for each. The most pessimistic scenario gives a sea-level rise of 59cm, with the explicit caveat that this figure does not include future rapid dynamical changes in ice flow. … As is evident if you bother to read this note, 59cm plus 20cm (79 cm in total) is the likely upper limit to sea-level rise by 2100 though, due to a lack of understanding of likely ice flow rates, an even greater rise cannot be ruled out.

Of course, that wasn’t the only thing Marohasy got wrong.