As well as Monckton Media Watch also looked at the way Jamie Walker passed off his opinioin piece about the Great Barrier Reef as a straight news story. John Bruno dissects Walker’s response.


  1. #1 MapleLeaf
    February 10, 2010

    Talking of a war on science. Originally posted at Tamino:

    “M&M got at least one person affiliated with GOP to make a bogus request. Does the name Sarah Ferguson (and no I am not referring to the royal). She goes by SarahF at CA, do a search. How many more are/were there?

    Also, this is definitely worth a read:

    Rush Limbaugh calling for “every scientist at every university in this country that’s been involved in this be named and fired, drawn and quartered.” I had no idea until reading her post what he meant by that.

    So he can incite people to torture and/or murder climate scientists someone with no consequences?! Come on, people have been sent to prison for less.

    If we get through this without losing a climate scientist at the hands of a madman we’ll be very lucky, and going by Limbaugh’s call to violence I do not think that is an exaggeration.

    I’m shocked and disgusted.”

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