Jonas Thread

By popular request, here is the Jonas thread. All comments by Jonas and replies to his comments belong in this thread.


  1. #1 Jonas N
    May 9, 2014

    OK, the latest batch of comments (dating back to April 27) apparently made it through ‘¨moderation’ after ~two weeks (May 8).

  2. #2 GSW
    May 20, 2014

    Hi Jonas,

    I saw your interaction with Bengtsson over at klimatupplysningen(?)

    Google translate Is the best i can do I’m afraid:

    “Jonas N

    Unfortunately, I had underestimated the tensions that exist and do not have to do with science in the least. I do not know now how this will end but you have to anyway hope to be able to distinguish science from policy. This is not the case today. The policy has occupied climate policy leftist climate activists and the corresponding right-wing groups have taken an opposite approach. My first attempt to de-politicize climate science have failed but I have not given up. Only those who never try to avoid a failure. We only hope that the Austrian professor did not get their way. But if it is then I will ask to be faced with a exekutationspatrull with the support of my resume and not burned alive at the stake.

    seems like quite a reasonable/grounded chap. No idea what an “exekutationspatrull” is, but it doesn’t sound good. No mention of the “transnational elites” that seem to get the blame for most things either.

    Glad you are still participating Jonas.

  3. #3 GSW
    May 20, 2014


    Apologies, still reading thru the comments on the klimatupplysningen(?) thread

    You some some more from lennart bengtsson, this time in english.

    *92[Jonas N]

    I have all files available but cannot make these available without the agreement of co-authors. In the case of ECS the reviewer had misunderstood the situation. I will at the end of the week write a text both here at at the Uppsalainitiativet that hopefully will clear some misunderstanding


    I think everyone’s keen to see the original paper rather than try to guess at the contents from the reviewers responses. Interesting. Still google translating the other comments Jonas, but it’s making entertaining reading so far.

  4. #4 Jonas N
    May 21, 2014

    OK, seems like you are let through within the day GSW. But hey, the crowd here, esp. in the protected zone just are afraid to confront reality. Seeing their dreams, and everythinge they wanted to believe in evaporating into thin air must be hard on such delicate souls ….


  5. #5 Jonas N
    June 7, 2014

    OK, on june 7, the last comment (written may 21) ‘passed moderation’!

    I understand that those decisions are heavily taxing for moderators, and must be pondered for weeks, carefully weighing benefits against drawbacks. Or maybe it is just difficult to get the expert committee to convene more often for such terribly difficult decisions. After all, there is heavy and very demanding traffic elsewhere here, that too needs to be tightly monitored.

    And there’s the crowd of delicate souls of course, whose feelings must be considered too …

    Wouldn’t it have been far better if everyone just agreed that the IPCC is always right. And left is always right too. As the IPCC clearly says it is? About all its issues …

    Well no, we’re not there yet. But getting there, consensus is the word … and now it’s become science (in it self, consensus is now science being investigated as a science in it self)

    As I said … getting there. North Korea is a role model. Both regarding carbon-footprint and consensus-achievements. But there is still some ‘convincing’ to do, still need to be a little bit more more ‘persuasive’, but new techniques are being developed as we (double)speak.

    We all ready know that all voices we don’t hear agree with us, and do so completely. Because we represent all those who cannot (or dare not) speak for them selves. No, it’s the voices we still hear that really are that small but pesky and irritating obstacle between here and now and real ‘consensus Nirvana’

    Without those, all we’d ever hear would be birds chirping confirming to us that we are in total harmony, and now truly representing all of humanity and Gaia

    So, what do those North Koreans know that we haven’t figured out yet? That’s the real question … how do we get all of the populace to work for society’s good

    /sarc off

  6. #6 GSW
    June 8, 2014


    It was within a day Jonas, interesting thing is the whole of your thread seems to have a moderation policy(?). Your post still took a couple of weeks? dangerous ideas indeed.

  7. #7 Jonas N
    June 16, 2014

    OK, the latest apparently was let through within 8-9 days ..

    Those poor Deltoid moderators must have been working overtime, considering the heavy traffic they have to deal with at this place!


  8. #8 GSW
    June 16, 2014

    @Jonas #5

    Blog moderation policy = North Korea’s a good analogy Jonas; Deltoids arguing intellectual/morally bankrupt positions, reliant on censorship and intolerance of dissenting voices, with “Tim Jung Lambert” overseeing all. It all sort of works, this dying creed from a dying blog.

  9. #9 Olaus Petri
    June 17, 2014

    GSW, “overseeing all” isn’t much here. Without the pallative care of anti-conspirasists and doomsday sceptics Deltoid would die completely alone. ;-)

  10. #10 Jonas N
    July 13, 2014

    So here they are, still waiting for that climate doom catastrophy alarm whatever … to arrive, while clinging to miniscule trends, and hopefull guesses where all that promised heat must hav gone hiding.

    Well fellows, there are better methods to deal with reality (the observable part of it) and that would have been sticking to the scientific method, and not resorting to fantasies and wishful thinking evolving into an almost religious doomsday cult …

    Don’t complain though, and don’t whine about being more and more ridiculed by increasingly wider circles.

    You’ve all been told where, how and why you go wrong in your beliefs. But no, you wouldn’t listen, you’ dismiss essentially everything, both facts, logic, reason, observations etc with the stupidest labels such as ‘denialism’ etc.

    But then of course, the loony left always falls into the same trap, where they so desperately want to believe things finally giving the confirmation and justification for their fantasies …

    And they will never learn, if one -ism finally fails and is totally discredited, they just jump on the next one or and pin all their hopes on the next messiah, or savior or ‘liberator of the people’ screaming slogans in military khakis …

    They’ll never learn. And quite a few of them even think that they are ‘intellectuals’ and therefor must be supported by real working people …

  11. #11 Jonas N
    July 30, 2014

    OK, again ‘moderation’ is taking a heavy toll on the moderators. Two weeks later, and they are still working hard at it …

  12. #12 GSW
    August 18, 2014


    “the loony left always falls into the same trap, where they so desperately want to believe things finally giving the confirmation and justification for their fantasies …”

    Yes indeed and “unscientific jeff” doesn’t really do himself any favours over on the other thread with

    ” I suppose you are referring to unlimited and unregulated corporate power, nakedly predatory capitalism under the guise of the ‘Washington Consensus’”

    Referring to jeff as being “Loony left” is being unfair to ordinary decent loonys IMO.

  13. #13 Jeff Harvey
    August 18, 2014

    Gormless, since like on most issues you don’t have a clue what you are talking about I’ll let your latest bullshit pass. After all, you right wing lunatics promulgate the usual nonsense: that the USA is a true democracy, that it honestly promotes this and human rights in its foreign policy and that corporate power for the most part is benign. That anyone could believe this shows how utterly stupid they really are. You aren’t alone, but thankfully I try and steer clear of dopes like you. Sadly, your ilk pops up on blogs where they are unwelcome yet they still feel confident in spewing out their gospels of ignorance.

    It turns out that the few people I tend to offend are mostly idiots like you and your idol on here. The vast majority of my peers are on my side. My reputation in science is solid, and thus I have no need to feel worried about a few rightwingnuttters like you and Jonas. Both of you are as thick as planks.