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  1. #1 Lionel A
    April 2, 2014

    BTW Stu, I am not, never have been after something for nothing, if MS offered continued support on XP at reasonable cost, considering how many XP installations there must still be, then I would pay, but they did not offer that.

    If I like whatever Linux I finish up with I will support it.

  2. #2 Stu
    April 2, 2014

    I’ll grant you many, many hardware manufacturers took the Vista driver model changes as a convenient excuse to EOL a bunch of kit. Still, it had to be done at some point — the old driver model was just not going to cut it anymore. Other than that (something only marginally under MS control), what was wrong with Vista? New driver model, completely new audio stack, 64-bit edition… sure, it was not what they planned it to be before the XP SP2 mess, but in all Vista was a monumental achievement that went relatively smoothly.

    To put it another way: what they did was really, really, really hard. Just look at Canonical flailing about with Mir for what, two years now? ETA two years from now? With comparatively no backcompat worries?

    I understand the hate for Win8, but even then, as soon as you have it booting to the desktop and pin your programs, it’s just like Win7 except faster and with a lot of VERY welcome improvements.

    As for offering XP support: you go find devs willing to death march updates for a dead-end OS. No matter how hard you try, at a certain point it’ll be done by some stoner interns. And MS has been getting flak for supporting something that outdated for almost 9 years (the phrase “holding back the Web” seems to be a favorite), so there’s a definite damned-if-they-do, damned-if-they-don’t angle.

    Before I forget, I do apologize for my tone. It was uncalled for.

    Good luck with Linux — just be glad you’re doing this now and not 5 years ago. Might I suggest that you START by trying to get your printer working; odds are that’s going to be the pain point no matter what.

    And if it does not work out, my offer stands.

  3. #3 Lionel A
    April 2, 2014


    thanks for that, I never bear grudges.

    Once upon a time I was into every twist and turn in the computer industry too and kept up with developments, watching the computer press and getting my hands dirty in development and also fixing stuff. I was using networks before Bill Gates knew what one was. This in a journey from 8-bit (with tape storage) through 16 to 32. Ever come across MB HDs the size of a small wheelbarrow and floppy discs like dinner plates?

    But I was doing too much and had a ‘bring me down to earth’ moment, well almost six foot under and since then I have looked at things through a different lens, especially being rather isolated by health.

    What worries me about the ‘holding back the Web’ as the amount of data flying everywhere increases so does the need for more memory, faster processors and bigger more thirsty power supplies in the box, the one I have ordered for the wife (GBH was intended as god bless her BTW) will have a 650 Watt job. This upward trend in PSU consumption is surely not a good thing.

    Twelve years ago I had a box with a 100 Watt PSU running two operating systems (well three if you count a choice Win 3.11 or Win 95 using one processor for the native stuff and a second Intel type for the other. I was running seven SCSI devices – CD burner, internal SCSI HD and an IDE, external SCSI HD in hot-swappable rack in with the CD Burner, a SyQuest for some data mailing, SCSI flatbed and film scanners.

    Extensive choice of typefaces and the ability to create my own as required, ones which obeyed the construction rules. That’s all gone now though.

  4. #4 Stu
    April 2, 2014

    Don’t believe the hype, you can pick your level of involvement and power hunger these days.


    …which would still slap the everloving snot out of your old box. At this point it’s a matter of people demanding performance that cannot be satisfied in the “old” power envelope, that’s all.

  5. #5 Bernard J.
    April 4, 2014

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