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Last year I wrote about how Tech Central Station was an astroturf operation, drafted by a public relations company to provide supposedly independent support for the PR companies clients. The Alexis de Tocqueville Institute (ADTI) is another astroturf operation. As part of the Tobacco Settlement Agreement Philip Morris (PM) agreed to release millions of documents…

The ADTI-Philip Morris file

This is a list of the documents that detail the astroturf campaign conducted by the Alexis de Tocqueville Institute (ADTI) on behalf of Philip Morris (PM) against the Clinton health plan in 1994. They were obtained by a search for “fname: anti-tax” in the Philip Morris documents archive. ADTI’s summary of their activities is here.

More Microsoft astroturfing?

Nick Confessore has an interesting article in which he reveals that webzine Tech Central Station is actually drafted by DCI, an organization that specializes in astroturfing. An extract: TCS’s articles have also complemented work being done by DCI. During 2000, Microsoft contracted with DCI to perform various services, among them generating “grassroots” letters opposing a…