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Daily Fail

As well as failing at science, the Daily Mail has now failed geography.

Tim Curtin thread now a live show

Hey, remember the Tim Curtin thread? It’s now a live show: Rsearch [sic] Seminar – Let them not eat: CO2, food and climate. Presented by: Tim Curtin Hosted by: Resource Management in Asia-Pacific Program 12:30-1:30 Thu Apr 29 Seminar Room B (Arndt Room), Coombs Bldg, ANU (Via Marco)


Two from Nexus 6: (Referring to this.) From wadard From Jon Snow:


I think LOLdenialist macros deserve their own thread. You can make your own with this convenient online tool. You can’t post images in comments, so email them to me at deltoidblog AT It doesn’t have to be AGW denial — Lancet/Iraq, HIV/AIDS, evolution, DDT resistance are all worthy of a LOLdenialist macro. (Jennifer Ouellette…

A tip from Bug Girl

A handy tip from Bug Girl Also, a tip: if you walk into your new workplace brandishing a container of putative pubic lice and sand, you may want to provide a more detailed back story than “I bought them on the internet.” Just some advice.

Nexus 6 has a new cartoon

Nexus 6 has a new cartoon making fun of global warming denialists.

Job Opening

Do you think I should apply for this job?