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Sea level rise acceleration

You only have to look at the graph below showing sea level rise since 1880 to see that it has accelerated from about 1mm/year at the end of the 19th century to about 3mm/year at present.(from CSIRO). If you take a closer look at recent sea level rise you’ll see that it has been very…

Maurice Newman, former chairman of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, has the necessary lack of scientific qualifications to write about climate science in The Australian (Google “Losing their religion as evidence cools off”): So when in 1969 Paul Ehrlich claimed because of global cooling it was an even-money bet whether England would survive until the year…

Shameless self-promotion

Nominate Tim for a Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching and Supervision Excellence.

Watch Peter Sinclair’s latest video:

Monckton and the Mob

Gareth Renowden tells the story of Monckton and the Mob.

Death threat denial

Even when we have video of a death threat there are those who try to deny that scientists have been threatened. Like, oh, The Australian. Media Watch reports on media coverage of death threats on climate scientists: One news outlet comes out of it, in our opinion, almost unscathed: Fairfax Media’s The Canberra Times. The…

Tim Curtin’s incompetence with basic statistics is the stuff of legend. Curtin has now demonstrated incompetence at a fairly new journal called The Scientific World Journal. Consider his very first “result” (emphasis mine): I first regress the global mean temperature (GMT) anomalies against the global annual values of the main climate variable evaluated by the…

Wegman Heartland update

John Mashey, in comments writes: It has been a busy week or so, with more to come. 1) See Fakery, p.3 and p.12. In ~2009, Heartland+SEPP+CSCDGC got ~$8M. The other 9 on p.3 got ~$39M.The additional 36 501(c)(3) on p.12 added another $283M. Now, only some of that is for climate disinformation, but some of…

Over at the Monthly, Robert Manne writes about Monckton’s plan for a super-rich person to establish a Fox News for Australia. I thought we already had that in the Australian.

More fraud from Pat Michaels

Pat Michaels is infamous for his fraudulent graph presented to Congress in 1998. Dana Nuccitelli at Skeptical Science details some more fraudulent graphs from Michaels.