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Global Warming Skeptics score own goal

Fred Singer and co petitioned the American Physical Society to replace its statement on Climate Change. Instead, it got reaffirmed The Council of the American Physical Society has overwhelmingly rejected a proposal to replace the Society’s 2007 Statement on Climate Change with a version that raised doubts about global warming. The Council’s vote came after…

Chilingar has republished his paper that shows that if you assume CO2 is not a greenhouse gas then it doesn’t warm the planetin Enviromental Geology. This paper is so bad that S Fred Singer has resigned as an editor from Environmental Geology. Yes, this S Fred Singer. Hat tip: Eli Rabett.

Nobody should trust S Fred Singer

Eli Rabett has the sordid tale of how S Fred Singer took advantage of Roger Revelle to put his name on a paper which expressed skepticism about global warming. Justin Lancaster has a web page with all the supporting documents and evidence.

Singer accepts Flat Earth Award

The Christian Science Monitor has published Fred Singer’s acceptance speech after he won the ‘Flat Earth Award‘. This paragraph is interesting: What matters are facts based on actual observations. And as long as weather satellites show that the atmosphere is not warming, I cannot put much faith into theoretical computer models that claim to represent…

In my previous post I commented on the various responses of sceptics now that both that satellite and surface record show global warming is happening. (The map below shows the global warming trend for the troposphere from the satellite record.) Scott Church left a comment giving a detailed explanation of the satellite data. He concluded:…