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Wegman scandal: GMU investigates

Dan Vergano in USA Today reports: Officials at George Mason University confirmed Thursday that they are investigating plagiarism and misconduct charges made against a noted climate science critic. “I’m very well aware of the report, but I have been asked by the university not to comment until all the issues have been settled,” Wegman says,…

The Wegman scandal

… is not just plagiarism. John Mashey has written a 250 page report on the Wegman scandal.

The Wegman plagiarism scandal

Not only was the Wegman report plagiarised, three of Wegman’s PhD students committed plagiarism in their theses. Deep Climate has the report.

More plagiarism from Wegman

Deep Climate has uncovered more plagiarism in the Wegman report.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Bob Carter has managed to get a whole bunch of people to sign a letter touting his warming ended in in 1998 claim. Here’s what they signed: there has been no net global warming since 1998. That the current temperature plateau follows a late 20th-century period of warming is consistent with the continuation today of…

Chris Mooney on the report Joe Barton commissioned on the hockey stick: I am beyond bored with the whole thing. I’m reaching the point of despair. Listen, people: This is an argument over a study that is now some eight years old. Eight years! You would think there is nothing new under the sun in…

Hockey Social Stick Networks

John Quiggin is underwhelmed by Wegman et al‘s Social Network Analysis of Mann’s co-authorship graph.

Wegman Report on Hockey Stick

Joe Barton‘s Committee has released a report they commissioned on the hockey stick by Wegman, Scott and Said (WSS). The focus of the report is much narrower than the NRC report and the results are basically a subset of the NRC report. In particular, both reports find that “off-centre” method used in Mann Bradley and…