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Vancouver Sun publishes Lott

Andrew Chang writes a lettter to the Vancouver Sun which published a Lott editorial full of his usual cooked numbers. Chang also links to an old Usenet thread where he, Mary Rosh and I were involved. Oddly enough, Lott and I have been continuing the argument in comments at the Volokh Conspiracy.

The Worst Presentation Award Goes To…

Boffo blog tells the story of a Lott presentation at a workshop about a decade ago: I was not prepared for how truly awful the paper was. His argument concerned how expensive elections have become in this country. … His evidence consisted of a correlation between growth in federal spending and growth in campaign spending,…

Lott in the LA Times

Kevin Drum is displeased that the LA Times published another op-ed from John Lott: The man is a fraud and the Times demeans itself by allowing him space on their pages.

Lott on fireworks

Sadly No gives Lott’s latest op-ed the short shrift it deserves. Update: Hunt Stilwell also writes about the stupidity of Lott’s argument.

Hats off to Xrlq

A couple of weeks ago Xrlq wrote about me: He’s the Australian blogger who aspires to do to John Lott what Clayton Cramer did to Michael Bellesiles. Unfortunately, he doesn’t do a very good job; while Cramer uncovered overwhelming evidence Bellesiles’s fundamental research was fabricated, the best Lambert has been able to do is to…

I have posted some of my emails to the firearmsreg mailing list from September and October 2002. This shows some of the initial discussion of Lott’s mysterious survey. Read them here.

Chris Mooney writes that he hasn’t received an adequate response from Lott’s webmaster about the changing files on Lott’s website either.

Lott in the LA Times

Kevin Drum is rather annoyed than the LA Times has published an op-ed by Lott. Lott’s argument is that if someone doesn’t answer a question he can attribute to them whatever answer is most damaging to them. If we applied the same standard to Lott, then since he never answered my question as to why…

Lott’s letter to the Economist

Kevin Drum is dismayed that the Economist has printed a letter from Lott: Contrary to your claims of the Americanisation of armed robbery in Britain, one could only hope that robbery in England and Wales was truly becoming Americanised (“You’re history“, January 3rd). The International Crime Victimisation Survey shows that for 2000, the latest year…

Volokh drops Lott

The Journalist’s Guide to Gun Policy Scholars and Second Amendment Scholars is a site that provides journalists with a list of “credible, articulate scholars” to consult about gun policy questions. It used to contain a listing for John R. Lott Jr, who was available to give his special insight into “Women and Gun Issues” as…