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David Glenn in the Chronicle of Higher Education: In a motion filed last week in federal court, Mr. Lott’s lawyers asked the judge to place a gag order on any information that might turn up in depositions or private documents as the lawyers on both sides prepare for the trial. The motion asserts that “publication…

Lott, Levitt and Freedomnomics

David Glenn reports: The economist Steven D. Levitt’s colleagues at the University of Chicago might be tempted to cancel their classes and wander down to Chicago’s federal courthouse on October 1. That’s the date that has been set for the trial in John R. Lott Jr.’s defamation suit against Mr. Levitt. At a status hearing…

Alex Robson’s ignorance

You may recall how Alex Robson demonstrated his ignorance of basic statistics and of climate research. Now he has written an op-ed in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph where he claims that there is no research at all that contradicts John Lott: Laws for the concealed carrying of guns are present in some form or another in…


Q: What do you do when your lawsuit against Freakonomics gets thrown out?

Court rules that Lott cherry-picked

The judge for Lott’s lawsuit against Levitt has thrown out Lott’s claim that he was defamed by Freakonomics. (Decision is here.) Some quotes from the decision: The Court will grant a motion to dismiss under Rule 12(b)(6) only if “no relief could be granted under any set of facts that could be proved consistent with…

Michael Shermer on Lott vs Levitt

Michael Shermer’s September column in Scientific American is on Lott’s lawsuit. He got some comments from both Lott and Levitt:

Chicago Magazine on Lott vs Levitt

Via Eli Rabett I find a long article by James L. Meriner in Chicago magazine on the Lott-Levitt lawsuit. There’s some new information on the history of Lott and Levitt such as this: Just when and how the Lott-Levitt feud started is not clear — neither man would directly comment on the lawsuit for this…

Lempert on common sense and Lott

Richard Lempert comments on why he found Lott’s results implausible when they first came out:

Levitt replies to Lott

William Ford has Levitt’s reply to Lott. I think this part sums it up:

Lott has filed a response to Levitt’s motion to dismiss.