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MarkCC has a post about quaternions and the fact that they can be used for rotation, so I thought I’d chime in with exactly how they represent rotations.

Home Field Advantage

Baseball’s World Series is played over the best of seven games. The first two games are played at the home field of one team (we will call this one team A), the next three at the home field of team B, and the last two at the home field of team A. Given that teams…

Why you need to correct for clustering

First Post

This was my first ever on-line posting, to sci.math in 1988. The world wide web wasn’t invented until 1989 so we didn’t have links—I added them in 2004 when I posted this to my blog. Kristian Damm Jensen wrote: Consider a string of matching parentheses, i.e. a string of parentheses where each prefix contains more…